Customer focused high quality software

At LeapHub we produce high quality software for small and medium size businesses. We focus our work on the greatest possible customer benefit and develop web applications for the highest possible business value. Therefore we combine innovative and established development paradigms with substantiated online marketing.

Our main goal is to create web applications and implement online marketing campaings aiming the maximum return on investment.

Agile Development


We work with scrum, a methodology that ensures a customer focused development using small iterations which allow a fast delivery and reaction on requirement changes.

Test-Driven Development

A code-base should be rock-solid and easy maintanable. That's why we relie on test-driven development. We develop in short iterations, test all components directly and solve problems instantly.

Continuous Delivery

We develope new features, test their functionality and implement those automatically in your website. And the best: Our work has no operational impact on your website. Yet, results are visible immediately.

User-friendly Web Applications

To provide a user-friendly experience on all modern devices and with reduced development efforts we apply the responsive design concept. Semantic HTML markup ensures your project to be search engine friendly and improves its accessibility. To provide a fast and clean frontend development we use modern tools such as GRUNT, CSS, pre-processing, Less and Sass.

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Reduced Loading Time of your Website

Fast websites are more fun. Short loading times are essential for a great user experience - especially on mobile devices. We rely on modern technologies to reduce the amount of transferred data and to increase the client side rendering performance.

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Web Performance

Reliable High Quality Web Applications

Web applications should be rock-solid, easy to maintain and extendable. The symfony web framework allows us to develop solid and flexible web applications. Modern software architecture concepts and high quality open-source libraries enable us to reduce the time required to develop the software. Internal quality and long term maintainability are essential and therefore we are using continuous static and dynamic code analysis.

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Business Applications

Scalable and Reliable Infrastructure

The DevOps paradigm introduces the close integration of development and operational tasks. This combination allows us a rapid product development and deployment. Configuration management platforms introduce an abstraction layer hiding the actual infrastructure and enables high scalability for our customers and internal services.

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Performance Marketing

Online Marketing Strategy Increase your ROI with a Clear Strategy

A great service or product should also be marketed great. We develop a strategic marketing plan with you and take care of your online marketing. A well-thought-out strategy is essential for succesful campaigns and it makes your performance marketing clearer and more effective!

We analyse your current situation, your market positioning, identify your target groups and define your marketing goals.

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Performance Marketing Strategy

PPC Marketing Increase Quality Traffic with Search Engine Advertising

We make sure that you gain new users through search engine marketing. Together we create and realize your SEM and SEO campaigns. To stay ahead of your competitors, every Pay-Per-Click campaign needs ongoing competition monitoring, testing and optimization. We constantly evaluate and refine your ad copy, search keywords and targeting settings to maximize your Return-on-Invest.

Our Full-Service campaign management helps you to get the maximum out of every dollar you spend online.

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  • Keyword Research

    An efficient keyword list is the foundation for Pay-Per-Click advertising campaigns.

  • A/B Testing Ad Copy

    Continually test different ad copy variations against each other to improve the campaign quality.

  • Competition Monitoring

    Constantly monitor the online marketing efforts of your competitors to maintain your position.

  • Bid & Position Monitoring

    Analyze the impact of keyword bids and ad positions on traffic quality and marketing budget.

  • Click Fraud Monitoring

    Identify fraudulent clicks instantly to lower the risk of budget overspendings and waste.

Conversion Rate Optimization Improve your Website to Turn More Visitors Into Sales

Every website has a goal. It may either be to create a contact, generate leads or sell a product. We Increase the conversion rate through onsite optimization of your landing pages, product pages, micro sites and single forms.

We continuously improve the conversion rate of your website through ongoing testing and optimization.

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  • A/B Testing

    Test multiple variants of your landingpages against each other on a regular basis to increase your conversion rate.

  • Sales Funnel Optimization

    Optimize the way how customers reach your goal. Eliminate unnecessary steps and reduce friction with clear Call to Actions.

  • Phone Call Tracking

    Track phone calls that come from visitors of your website to identify keywords and campaigns that drive offline conversions.

Upgrade your Online Marketing!

To achieve the best results for your online marketing efforts, you need to use the most advanced technology. We implement tracking and advanced targeting software on your site. It enables to analyse and evaluate the user behaviour on your website and to realize online campaigns more targeted. Thanks to the tracking technologies your marketing campaigns are measurable and easy adjustable.

Industry leading technology increases your ROI and enables you to stay ahead of your competitors.

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  • Advanced Tag Management

  • Realtime Visitor Segmentation

  • CRM Integration

Retargeting Tailored campaigns to convert lost visitors into sales

Not every visitor is turning into a customer right away. This might have different reasons: It's not the right timing, the trust is not yet strong enough or the potential customer doesn't know the benefits of your product or service. Tailored campaigns turn those lost visitors into your sales.

Our object-based retargeting (OBR) classifies your lost visitors into segments and provides those with tailored campaigns. This technology enables you to increase awareness, create interest, build trust and promote special offers to the right users.

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Retargeting OBR

About us

German Quality

LeapHub is a young startup based in the heart of the marvelous city of Hamburg, Germany. We are a passionate developer team experienced in web development and online marketing. Our main focus is to develop high qualtiy web applications that provide the highest possible business value to our customers. Our main goal is to create web applications and implement online marketing campaings aiming the maximum return on investment for our customer. Therefore we combine innovative and established development paradigms with substantiated online marketing.

High quality is our priority, therefore we work with the most advanced technologies and the most current marketing trends. We improve all of our processes continously, rational and data-driven decisions help us to never lose our goals out of sight. An inspiring environment for our employees is essential to enjoy working and having fun during our projects which is also benefits our customers.